Mutts and Mittens Manor
Rescue and Transport

.... Because they deserve Better!

OUR MISSION:  To save dogs and cats, with special focus on marginalized animals, through partnerships with other rescues and shelters. 

Through years of rescue "work", we became aware of rescues who would love to pull more dogs from high kill shelters, but were unable to do so due to prohibitive state-mandated requirements for legal entry, or who could not find reliable transport, or who were not able to afford boarding costs even in areas where boarding was an option. 

This is where MMM comes in:  we have a bi-weekly volunteer transport that travels up the east coast.  This is at no cost as we have built an amazing network of compassionate animal lovers who love to volunteer by driving "a leg".  We are also able to bring animals in to foster homes, or the manor itself, in order to be vetted to meet state-of-import requirements.  By making rescue more affordable and accessible, we are able to save more lives!

Our focus tends to be on AT-Risk dogs/cats--those unlikely to get rescue because of treatable illnesses such as heartworm disease (the cost of treatment is far more expensive in the northeast than in the south), demodex mange, or those with contagious illnesses such as sarcoptic mange, ringworm, or upper respiratory infections.  We also work with fearful dogs who simply don't "sell" themselves in shelters. We also take "unpopular" breeds such as the bully breeds, hounds, and chihuahuas.  Experience has shown that this is the population of animals most likely to be euthanized in shelters as they are given very little time to find rescue and shelters here simply don't have the space to hold animals indefinitely--especially sick ones.   

Because we are located in-state, we do not need health certificates for animals to come to us, making communicable illnesses something we can and DO work with.  We have a wonderful relationship with several area vets who offer discounted rates for all of our vetting needs. And fearful dogs often blossom outside of the noisy, confusing shelter environments.  

We also occasionally accept owner surrenders into our program, by-passing the shelter system altogether.  And, sadly, here in South Carolina, strays are everywhere, and we do take in random strays as well, where time and space permit. 

Animals that come to us are treated for illnesses (mange, ringworm, flea dermatitis, heartworms, respiratory infections, worms, coccidia, giardia, etc.), given routine vaccinations such as parvo/distemper/leptospirosis, bordetella & rabies.  They are microchipped.  They are, if 6 months or older, spayed/neutered.  They are on flea/tick & heartworm preventatives for the duration of their stay with us. 

They also benefit from being in a home environment that allows them to go outside and play with other dogs several times a day, as well as interacting with the "House Mom" at the Manor. 

Once they are ready to travel, they get the proper health certification and "hop on" our bi-weekly transport to rescues along the eastern seaboard, where they will be adopted into carefully screened, loving families.