Benefits of Being a Rescue Partner

  • Access to our bi-weekly volunteer transport up the East Coast.  This is a FREE service with awesome volunteers who really love the dogs and cats they meet!
  • Affordability.  We have negotiated cut-rate vetting costs in order to keep expenses down so that money/funding does not get in the way of saving lives!
  • As time & space permit, we offer fostering services to animals you would like to pull from our partner shelters.  This allows time for vetting to occur and to ensure the health of the animal before it gets to you!
  • You receive healthy, "turn-key" animals that will require minimal vetting before being adopted.
  • You have access to our photos so you can begin to network the animal prior to arrival if you wish!
  • Experienced foster(s) who are used to the special needs of southern dogs (extra deworming, the flea scourge of the south, tick picking, heartworm treatments, etc.)
  • RELATIONSHIP rescue--we like to keep abreast of what your rescue is doing, how our animals are doing.  We will always take back our own animals if they are not as expected/presented.  As we get to know each other, we keep our eyes out for dogs that will appeal to you and your locale. 

Apply to be a rescue partner